Now accepting orders for Sunday October 22nd. (Order by Midnight, Thursday October 19th!)


PaleoFit is well loved and we’re so thankful. We started preparing paleo meals out a desire to make healthy eating delicious and nutritious. To be met with such enthusiasm is so encouraging and keeps us going when the oven is hot and the days are long. Here some of what what people are saying:

I have to say that everything you guys do is great.  The food is always tasty and I love the convenient pick up location.  Keep it up!  Thanks again for all you do.  Even though I’m not strictly Paleo I am strictly addicted to convenience and having real food prepared and waiting for me at home is amazing.  If you guys would walk my dogs I’d have it made.
~ LeAnn

Holy Poblano Pepper Chili Batman!

This chili is awesome-I just wanted to reach out and let you guys know how much we’ve been enjoying the food lately. I’m loving the cauliflower “rice” as well as the spaghetti squash options you have now.  Keep up the good work!


Chicken Fajitas… those were awesome! Keep em coming!

Carnitas, carnitas, carnitas!!!!

Man the curry chicken is great!!!

Just now eating the blackened chicken!! I don’t think I’ve had it before have I? Its good, nice and spicy!!
~ Rob

I am currently 34 weeks pregnant and a single SAHM of a 3 year old. I just moved back to the KC area after 5 years in Northern Idaho. There have been so many adjustments and changes within our family (including a divorce). Not trying to bore you with my life’s journey here, but I want people to understand they can find solutions to life’s challenges if they look and research! I LOVE to cook and food prep (when I am not going through a raw phase). I actually did food planning and cooked for a couple of families when I lived in Idaho. I have been eating Paleo for 3 years with the exception of last summer where I went highly raw vegan. I am not against eating meat, I just am a big believer in listening to my body and what it needs. That’s what I felt I needed at the time. I went back to eating meat over the winter when I found I was pregnant as I craved it. I had a very hard time cooking it and prepping it. It made me feel super nauseated. I reverted to more processed food and felt crappy mentally/spiritually and just knowing this was not the best for me or the baby made me feel even worse. But as a single pregnant lady with minimal support, I was just in survival mode. In making my decision to move back to KC to have family support, one of the very first things I did (literally) was look up Paleo food delivery. Your site popped up and I knew when I got settled I’d be ordering your services.

I am currently eating my first PaleoFit meal of Chimichurri Chicken and parsnips as I type this. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! This is saving me time, my sanity and most definitely my health and the health of my baby. I don’t have to prep the meat (which still makes me feel nauseated), minimal shopping, no meal planning and all I had to do was boil water, insert bags, cut bags and plop on plate. Baby approves as I am getting some thumbs up from the womb :-). I will continue to do this at least until I am able to cook again a few months after the baby is born. No excuses to eat crap! I wish I would have had this as a service when I was pregnant with my first. I look forward to eating more tasty and healthy meals!
~ Laura

I have been very happy with the quality and preparation of the food. I cook for myself regularly and am pretty particular as to how food tastes.

I also have a 35 year old parrot who eats people food as well as seeds and nuts. Believe it or not, she loves meat and has been happy with PaleoFit…lol. Maybe she is a testimonial to the Paleo lifestyle!!
~ Patti