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PaleoFit is a food preparation and delivery business dedicated to providing chef-prepared, dietitian-prepared meals to our customers. We prepare, package and ship fresh ready-to-heat meals to a customer’s doorstep throughout the continental United States.

All PaleoFit meals are designed by chefs and dietitians to be great tasting and nutritionally-balanced. You can create your own menu by choosing from many delicious meals (Breakfasts, Lunches, and Dinners) and have them delivered to your door. All meals are packaged in BPA-free vacuum-seal bag which guarantees your meals will stay fresh in your refrigerator (kept at or below 41° F) for 10 days after you receive your food.



PaleoFit ships all packages via UPS™ or FedEx. All packages are shipped to the customer under ‘Shipper Release’. This is the process that allows UPS™ or FedEx to leave your package at your doorstep without obtaining a signature from you. Once the package has been left at your door, it is your responsibility.

PaleoFit products delivered by UPS™ or FedEx are perishable and should be refrigerated no later than the night of delivery. Occasionally, due to circumstances beyond PaleoFit control, UPS™ or FedEx may not deliver packages on time and/or packages may get damaged during transit. We make all efforts to securely package our meals with sufficient amounts of gel packs in Styrofoam coolers. PaleoFit can only guarantee that packages will be shipped out on time and in excellent condition. Tracking numbers are provided for every shipment we send out. However, we cannot be responsible for the delivery service failures on the part of UPS™or FedEx .



PaleoFit meals are shipped on a weekly basis. PaleoFit will NOT issue any refunds for any meals and/or shipments that have already been delivered unless their order is delivered incomplete. PaleoFit will only issue a refund for any order, or part of the order, which the customer has successfully cancelled the order by phone or email before 1 PM CST the Thursday before their next delivery. PaleoFit will issue refunds within 5 business days of a confirmed cancellation.



PaleoFit will do its best to get you every item you requested for your order. Sometimes fresh ingredients may not be available or other circumstances, which require PaleoFit to substitute items in your order.



Individuals with allergies or other special medical conditions are urged to take extra precautions.  PaleoFit labels most products with the ingredients contained within. If you have adverse reactions to specific foods, it is your responsibility to be sure that you do not eat these foods. PaleoFit cannot be held liable for any damages related to allergies or other medical conditions.



Give us a call at (816) 892-0833 between 8am- 5pm CST. We’re here to help!