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In addition to our Core Beliefs and commitment to use highest-quality ingredients, we of course have thoughts on food preparation.


From the earliest stage of recipe creation and prototyping, our meals are a marriage of healthy nutrition and flavor. Chef Dave begins by creating a recipe that he knows will meet our sourcing criteria while also being absolutely delicious. Blakely, our registered dietitian, then reviews (and, of course, tastes!) the recipes to make sure we’re using the most nutritionally-dense ingredients. The result are recipes of the highest quality both in terms of our flavor and nutrition.

Our skilled team of chefs then bring the meals to life so that each and every bite is absolutely delicious while being extremely healthy.


It makes sense that we scratch cook all of our food meaning we use whole foods and single source ingredients — it’s the only way we can ensure that the meals you’re receiving is the highest quality and that each bite is absolutely delicious.


With food this good, we had to find packaging that would keep our meals the most fresh, while also being incredibly convenient (after all, it is one of our core values). We started like all other prepared meals companies: plastic microwaveable containers. The problem with them are numerous:

  1. They’re HUGE and take up so much space in your fridge — you want room for other fresh fruit and vegetables, right?
  2. They’re environmentally costly — the volume of plastic that goes into those plastic containers is immense. Even with recycling or reusing, they just don’t feel environmentally friendly.
  3. They’re made of… what?! — oftentimes touted as “microwave-safe” we were nervous about leaching chemicals during storage and reheating. Just didn’t seem to be something we wanted to put our food into much less microwave.
  4. The food doesn’t stay fresh — we all want the most fresh meals possible. With the plastic containers of most prepared meal companies, the food goes bad… quick!

So, we went with vacuum-sealing all of our meals. What we lose in presentation, we gain in so many other ways:

  1. BPA-Free — that’s right, our bags are BPA-free so you can feel confident that your food is safe.
  2. Microwaveable & Boilable — for convenience our BPA-free bags are both microwaveable and boilable, though we also understand wanting to remove the plastic and heating up in the oven. For all we offer handy reheating instructions.
  3. 10 Day Shelf Life — with vacuum-sealing, our meals stay fresh for 10 days when refrigerated. Also, every package is labeled with both a “Packaged On” and “Enjoy or Freeze by” date. No more guessing if your meals are safe to eat.
  4. Freezer-Friendly — since there’s no oxygen in our packaging, our meals can be frozen without any risk of freezer-burn. If you’re coming close to the “Enjoy or Freeze by” date just pop it into the freezer and pull it out when you’re ready to enjoy!